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Savannah by the Sea First, I Had To Lie To My Boss Sort Of Then My Parents Had A Fight They Never Fight The Pint Sized Lapdog That Is Treated Better Than I Am Has Thrown Up Twice This Vacation Hasn T Even Startedand I M Ready To Go Home.No One In Her Right Mind Would Actually Choose To Spend A Week At The Beach With A Steel Magnolia Drama Queen, A Tragically Disappointed Diva In Training, And A Yapping, Hurling, Supremely Annoying Little Canine Princess But I Love Seaside, So I Came Then I Ran Into The Gorgeous, Exasperating Joshua Northand Watched My Good Sense Slide Rapidly South Which Goes To Show That Even With A Tan And Maybe A New Man In My Life I M Still The Same Old Savannahfrom Savannah.