[Ebook] Unchained (The Dark Forgotten, #3) By Sharon Ashwood – Horsebackridingnewjersey.us

Unchained (The Dark Forgotten, #3) Been There, Slain ThatAshe Carver, Monster Killer, Has The Scars To Prove It But Faced With A Custody Battle, She S Hung Up Her Stakes And Taken A Job At The Public Library, Determined To Show The Courts And Her Ten Year Old Daughter That She S As Good A Mother As She Is A Hunter.Easier Said Than Done There Are Lovelorn Vampires Haunting The Library, A Slime Demon In The Shopping Mall, And Her New Mom Sister Needs A Hand With Her Ghostbusting Biz Then, After Centuries Guarding A Supernatural Prison, Captain Reynard Strides Into Her World Like A Hero From The Library S Must Reads Smokingly Gorgeous, Passionate And Courageous To A Fault, He Has Only Weeks To Live Unless Ashe Finds The Thief Who Took His Soul.Ashe Picks Up Her Weapons To Save The Day But Not Every Problem Can Be Solved With A Stake With So Much Tragedy In Her Past, Ashe Fears The Disaster She Sees Ahead And Prays She Doesn T Fail Everyone Again.Memories Are The Hardest Monsters To Kill.