[Ebook] Mandatory Laxative #14 By Jon Konrath – Horsebackridingnewjersey.us

Mandatory Laxative #14 A Zine About Lunchables And Satanismincludes The Following Stories Pain Is Only Temporary Unless It Is Chronic A Scene Where A Guy Goes To A Colonics Clinic, Falls In Love With The Cashier, And Almost Ends Up Shooting A Fountain Of Coffee From His AssSleep Letter ZeroLetter To FreddyI Am A Satanist And I Like Toast Because It Is Cult And EvilSomeday This Could Be YouI Love LunchablesLate At Night With Dwight DinglesonRemember The Alamo, MotherfuckerTwo Men Discuss Low Calorie Pizza Before A Ritual Satanism KillingThis Knife Means Fucking BusinessChili Sweats At Aerie 666The Inevitability Of An Accidental Saline Enema