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Intermediate Python EPUB Intermediate Python By Muhammad Yasoob Ullah Khalid Python Is An Amazing Language With A Strong And Friendly Community Of Programmers However, There Is A Lack Of Documentation On What To Learn After Getting The Basics Of Python Down Your Throat Through This Book I Aim To Solve This Problem I Would Give You Bits Of Information About Some Interesting Topics Which You Can Further Explore The Topics Which Are Discussed In This Book Open Up Your Mind Towards Some Nice Corners Of Python Language This Book Is An Outcome Of My Desire To Have Something Like It When I Was Beginning To Learn Python If You Are A Beginner, Intermediate Or Even An Advanced Programmer There Is Something For You In This Book Please Note That This Book Is Not A Tutorial And Does Not Teach You Python The Topics Are Not Explained In Depth, Instead Only The Minimum Required Information Is Given I Am Sure You Are As Excited As I Am So Let S Start The Topics Covered In This Book Include Args And Kwargs Debugging Generators Map Filter Set Data Structure Ternary Operators Decorators Global Return Mutation __slots__ Magic Virtual Environment Collections Enumerate Object Introspection Comprehensions Exceptions Lambdas One Liners For Else Open Function Targeting Python 2 3 Coroutines Function Caching Context Managers