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The Politics of Size BOOKS The Politics Of Size Author Ragen Chastain Our Society Is Body Size Obsessed The Result An Environment Where Fat People Are Consistently Shunned And Discussed Disparagingly Behind Their Backs Although Fat People Typically Bear The Brunt Of The Institutionalized Oppression Around Being Oversized, Pervasive Closeminded Attitudes About Body Size In America Affect Everyone Of All Sizes From People Who Are Shamed For Being Too Thin To Those Whose Lives Revolve Around The Fear Of Becoming Fat This Book Talks About A Topic That Is Important To All Readers, Regardless Of Their Physical Size, Providing An Anthology Of First Person Accounts Of What It S Like To Be Part Of The Fat Acceptance Movement And On The Front Lines Of Activism In The War On ObesityThe Politics Of Size Perspectives From The Fat Acceptance Movement Supplies A Frank Discussion Of The Issues Surrounding Being Fat And The Associated Health Concerns Both Physical And Mental And Reframes The Discussion About Obesity From A Medical Issue To A Social One The Essays Serve To Correct Misinformation About Obesity And Fat People That Is Commonly Accepted By The General Public, Such As The Idea That Fat And Healthy Are Mutually Exclusive Subject Matter Covered Includes Fat Friendly Workplace Policies Fat Dating Experiences And The Intersections Of Being Fat And Also A Person Of Color, A Person With Disabilities, A Transgender Person, Or A Member Of Another Sub Group Of Society.