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The Last Phoenix Ebook The Last Phoenix Author Graham McNeill Ivogue.co.uk The Second Horus Heresy OmnibusAlthough He Was Present At The Start Of The Warmaster S Rebellion, The Primarch Fulgrim Did Not Fight At Isstvan III Rather, He Was Beginning Down His Own Personal Path To Damnation This Horus Heresy Omnibus Follows Fulgrim S Temptation By The Powers Of Chaos, As Well As How His Devious Actions Came To Scar Both Friend And Foe Alike Amongst His Superhuman Brethren.Only In Perfection Can Evil Flourish With The Space Marine Legions Falling Upon One Another In Open Battle, The Most Flawed Of The Mighty Primarchs Began To Pursue Their Own Agendas, Seeking Out Whatever Destinies They Imagined For Themselves Under Horus S New Order Fulgrim, The Phoenician Lord Of The Emperor S Children, Had Always Striven To Outshine His Brothers But Even He Could Never Have Guessed The Depths Of Betrayal To Which He Would Eventually Sink In Pursuit Of Greater Power In Strength, There Is Weakness In Beauty, Horror The Horus Heresy Continues In This Omnibus, With The Fall Of The III Legion To Chaos The Novels Fulgrim And Angel Exterminatus Serve As A Chronicle Of Fulgrim S Corruption, While The Crimson Fist, The Reflection Crack D And Many Other Tales From The New York Times Best Selling Series Reveal The True Extent Of His DamnationThis Omnibus Edition Contains Fulgrim , Angel Exterminatus , Lucius The Eternal Blade And The Reflection Crack D By Graham McNeillThe Phoenician, Chirurgeon And Imperfect By Nick Kyme The Iron Within By Rob Sanders The Crimson Fist By John FrenchThis Paperback Omnibus Follows The Fall Of One Of Warhammer 40,000 S Most Infamous Daemonic Villains, And How That Affects All Those Around Him As The War Progresses With Two Full Novels By Graham McNeill, Two Novellas And Plenty Of Associated Short Stories, This Is The Complete Chronicle Of Slaanesh S Greatest Conquest