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Crusade's End PDF Epub Crusade S End Dan Abnett Ivogue.co.uk The First Horus Heresy OmnibusBefore He Fell To The Lure Of Chaos And Started A War That Plunged The Galaxy Into Darkness, Horus Was Mankind S Greatest Hero This Horus Heresy Omnibus Contains The Opening Trilogy Of The Series, Showing The Noble Warmaster S Descent Into Treachery And The Beginnings Of The Conflict That Would Ensure His Name Will Be Remembered For As Long As The Imperium Stands.It Was To Be The Dawn Of A Glorious New Age Following Countless Millennia Of Darkness And Strife, The Armies Of The Emperor Of Mankind Had Reconquered World After World In A Great Crusade, The Like Of Which The Galaxy Had Never Seen Having Established Themselves As The Most Powerful Military Force Ever To March Under A Single Banner, The Space Marine Legions Were Each Led By A God Like Primarch Those Apparently Immortal Sons Of The Emperor Himself Humanity Seemed Set To Rule The Stars Once And Then Came Horus The Noble Warmaster, And Reviled Arch Traitor For The First Time In The New York Times Bestselling Series, This Omnibus Returns To The Beginning Of The Horus Heresy And Shines New Light On The Events That Preceded It The Novels Horus Rising, False Gods And Galaxy In Flames Are Presented Alongside Additional Stories That Set The Stage For The Unimaginable Conflict Still To ComeThis Omnibus Edition ContainsHorus Risingby Dan AbnettFalse Godsby Graham McNeillGalaxy In Flamesby Ben CounterThe Wolf Of Ash And Fireby Graham McNeillLord Of The Red Sandsby Aaron Dembski Bowden