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Elseworlds: Batman Vol. 1 For The First Time Ever, Batman S Elseworlds Tales Are Featured In A New Graphic Novel Collection.In Elseworlds, Heroes Are Taken From Their Usual Settings And Put Into Strange Times And Places Some That Have Existed, Or Might Have Existed And Others That Can T, Couldn T Or Shouldn T Exist The Result Stories That Make Characters Who Are As Familiar As Yesterday Seem As Fresh As Tomorrow.Featuring Batman As A Holy Priest, Harry Houdini Alongside The Dark Knight, Dr Wayne Reanimating A Frankenstein Like Bat Man, Batman As A Green Lantern, A Supernatural Bat Man Fighting The Evil Wizard Known As The Dark Joker, A Future Robin Fighting Off An Alien Invasion, And Other Tales Collects BATMAN HOLY TERROR, BATMAN THE BLUE, THE GREY, AND THE BAT, ROBIN 3000 1 2, BATMAN DARK JOKER THE WILD, BATMAN HOUDINI THE DEVIL S WORKSHOP, BATMAN CASTLE OF THE BAT, BATMAN IN DARKEST KNIGHT And BATMAN DARK ALLEGIANCES